Roma Hall Bookings and rental

360 Virtual Tour of the Roma Hall

The Roma Hall has two halls available for rental. If you are unsure which hall is best for your special occasions, please contact us.

Main Hall

The Main hall is a large open space with high ceilings and a welcoming atmosphere. It can be setup to accommodate approximately 250 people. It has great lighting with a portable stage that can support a DJ or a live band. The main entryway boasts a beautiful chandelier and curved staircase. The coat check is just inside the front doors and the curve of the staircase is where the guest book table sits. The Bar is just off the main hall and provides full service with alcohol, mix and an espresso machine. There are several decorators that are familiar with the hall and are hired on a regular basis by the clients.

Small Hall

With the last major remodel of the hall, we added a smaller hall upstairs. It can hold up to about 65 people and has many of the same attributes of the main hall. The Small Hall is self contained and has its own main entrance, bar, washrooms and coat closet. There is also a dumbwaiter so that the food arrives quickly and remains hot. The menus are the same as the main hall. This is the perfect place for showers, baptisms or small parties.

Rental Equipment

Additional equipment that is available for you to rent.
  • Champagne glasses $0.50 each
  • DVD Player with wall screens $100.00
  • Easel $25.00
  • Coat Check $110.00
  • Podium with microphone N/C included in Hall Rental

Booking Policies

The following guidelines are used by the Roma Hall for bookings.
In general, bookings are on a first come first serve basis. The 2 halls are only available for booking with our catering services. The halls are not rented out by themselves.

There is NO outside food allowed to be brought into the halls, with the exception of special cakes. The Roma hall is a full service catering and banquet facility. We offer 10 different menu selections for you to choose from. Substitutions between menus can always be arranged. We also have a midnight buffet available to anyone wishing it. The menu to be finalized about 30 days prior to your event.

There is a $1000.00 deposit required at the time of booking. The hall is considered booked for your event when a contract has been signed and the deposit paid. Once the menu has been chosen a 50% deposit is due.

Deposits are Non refundable on cancellations of booking. Deposits can be moved to an alternate date.

Bar Service
You have the option of supplying your own alcohol or having the Roma Hall supply it. If you supply your own liquor, you will also need to supply the liquor license. There will be a corking fee applied to this option. You must also employ 2 Roma Hall bartenders. We can provide you with FULL bar services including Highballs, beer, wine, mix. Please contact the hall for pricing details.
All clients will be responsible for any damage left by the decorators. You may decorate the hall only after getting permission from the catering manager. Absolutely no nails, staples or pins are to be used. No confetti or bubbles allowed. White removable tape only to apply decorations. The decorations must be removed the same night as your event. There is to be nothing left in the hall overnight. All garbage must be removed.


There is a stage at the hall for a band or a DJ. The stage is portable and can be set up anywhere in the hall. If you are having any kind of music at your event, you will need to pay a SOCAN fee to the Roma Hall on behalf of SOCAN. Information about SOCAN can be found at

Music and bar service must stop at 1:00 AM (no exceptions). The band or DJ and the decorator must have everything removed by 2:00 AM.

Full Payment
Full payment must be made within 7 days following your event. A 10% surcharge will be applied to invoices not paid within the allotted time.